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On this page you can find changes we’ve made to the Website or Application
We’ve listed the change-log here so people who use “
AlertBox” Will get instantly
Notified as to when any new additions or changes have been made to this page.

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11th March 2014 – BPI at it again!

Today, the UK BPI, has once again managed to bribe some judge, into blocking more websites. So these new blocked/censored websites have just been added to Proxy Updater.

Below is the full list of blocked websites that Proxy Updater can UN-lock for you!

  • http://yify.tv
  • http://zmovie.co
  • http://watch32.com
  • http://viooz.co
  • http://megashare.info
  • http://www.Primewire.ag
  • http://www.primewire.ru
  • http://www.primewire.co.in
  • http://www.Vodly.to
  • http://www.vodly.biz
  • http://www.watchfreemovies.ch
  • http://www.free-tv-video-online.me
  • http://www.yify-torrents.com
  • http://www.1337x.org
  • http://www.bitsnoop.com
  • http://www.Extratorrent.cc
  • http://www.monova.org
  • http://www.Torrentcrazy.com
  • http://www.torrentdownloads.me
  • http://www.torrentreactor.net
  • http://www.Torrentz.eu
  • http://www.abmp3.com
  • http://www.beemp3s.org
  • http://www.bomb-mp3.com
  • http://www.filecrop.com
  • http://www.Filestube.com
  • http://www.Mp3juices.com
  • http://www.Mp3juices.me
  • http://www.Mp3juices.in
  • http://www.mp3lemon.org
  • http://www.mp3raid.com
  • http://www.mp3skull.com
  • http://www.mp3skull.tv
  • http://www.mp3skull.be
  • http://www.rapidlibrary.com
  • http://www.EZTV.it
  • http://www.firstrowsports.bz
  • http://www.dl4all.com
  • http://www.Movie4k.to
  • http://www.kat.ph
  • http://www.kickass.to
  • http://www.Fenopy.com
  • http://www.H33T.eu
  • http://www.ThePirateBay.sx

No other changes to the program, has been made apart from these new additions.

Feb 23rd 2014 – Website Completed!

On the index page, there’s now a DEMO video, that popups up in a light-box.
(To activate the video, simply click on the Proxy Updater BIG display image)

The website, and all it’s page contents, is finally finished, and completed!
We’re just making the final changes, ready to start the monthly backups!

The download button will finally become active, at the end of this month!
We want to make sure, that the program works 100%, before releasing it!

That’s it this project is now completed! Since it’s all 100% automated, we can,
Now let the AutoBot scripts, continue to run everything! Including all the updates!


Feb 22nd 2014 v1.0 Build 008 Scrapped/Destroyed!

Everything about v1.0 (xxx) was so UN-professional, and buggy!
Clicking on text links, yuk! No dynamic content yuk! So we destroyed it!

Proxy Updater v2.0 (Build 001)

Out of the ashes…Now comes a superior 21st century product! In every way!
Not only is the entire program re-coded, and re-engineered to 2014 standards.
But now it’s got so many new features! It’s hard to explain them, in this small space!

  • New GUI Design, Sleek and Smooth!
  • 10000’s of Dynamic Proxies loaded instantly!
  • Stylish Drop Down Menu systems, to access websites.
  • All the official UK Blocked/Censored websites included!
  • Stylish Pop-up Dialog Screen’s, no more boring notices!
  • In Built Update/Downloading system, for easy upgrading!
  • In Built Alternatives, (Other Authors proxyfying tools etc!)

There’s just too much to mention, that’s been changed in this newer version.
So for now, i’ll leave it at that! Oh, and the whole website is getting re-done.

So if you notice some page changes, or experience any downtime, then
Not to worry, we’re just doing a lot of work, on the backend scripts that’s all.

If you’re wondering, if this new version, is still completely automated like v1.0
Then you’ll be happy to know, that’s not changed! v2.x and all updates, will also
Be using the auto-bot script too! Which as you all know that means no broken links!

If you’re new to this program, and you’re wondering, what’s this auto-bot script thing?

July 29th 2013- New Feature Added to the Website & Application!

Today we decided to try something NEW! We’re letting a monitoring robot
now take care of checking the websites URL(s) inside Proxy Updater!


What this means is we now don’t have to manually hourly/daily keep checking
if a link to a proxy has been removed/taken down or censored by the industry.
A company is now doing this for us 🙂

If a website is 404 or been removed then we get notified by SMS/E-Mail
So we can quickly swap out that dead URL for another working URL

New URLs will replace dead or broken URLs in the up-coming builds every Monday.
Now the process is completely automated and now requires no human intervention.


Proxy Updater after build 005 is all handled by a Robot! so you can now be sure
that any dead websites will be found almost instantly and replaced on the next build.

IF none of the proxy site URLs in the application get shut down,Then nothing will be
Replaced build to build. The only time the robot will replace a proxy site is if it no longer exists, Been closed down, Blocked or just doesn’t work any longer.

So you might very well see certain proxy URLs listed over the span of 10 builds
Until them URLs no longer work correctly you will continue to see them.

We will however keep the change-log updated with any URLs the Robot swapped out.
This way you will be-able to see the project isn’t dead or become in-active etc.

Well hope you enjoy this new version, as much as we did making it! And remember.
All new updates regardless how small, to the program/website, will be added here.

So make sure you bookmark this page! Or install the “Alert Box” plugin from above.
Then you’ll know instantly, if or when, something on this page has been updated!

The link below, is the change-log for v1.0 Builds. Since we are now done with,
Everything to do with this old frankenbuild. This change-log is no longer needed.
(It’s left here for you to download, for anyone who wants to archive our progress)

..:: Change-log – 2013.txt ::.