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Imagine actually having an updated proxy indexing website right on your desktop?

Well now you have! Proxy Updater! Doesn’t rely on http:// or DNS servers to run.
It’s all built inside the application, dynamically updated when a user clicks update.

You will always have daily updated proxy indexing sites! Right on your desktop!

Proxy indexing sites do not contain any copyrighted content, files, media or anything other than Links to these severs setup for public usage. But that doesn’t matter to the Industry, they now Block what ever they don’t like, even if it has nothing what so ever to Do with copyright.

Since ISP’s started censoring the web, are you sick of doing this daily?


Then being presented with over a million search results, where you have to manually Now scroll Through page after page of links? Only to find, the links are either broken or The server has been Taken offline? Well, if you’re sick and tired of manual searching…

Why not allow us to do it for you daily, right on your own desktop? :)